Friday, February 26, 2010

you're a good man, charlie brown.

so this week has been a crazy, busy one. seems thats how my life is these days. i've been busy with school, choir, praise band, and play practice. play practice will consume my life starting tonight until next sunday afternoon. it will be interesting but its going to be a successful play.

i have always had a problem with being patient. recently i have learned how to control it. pretty exciting but it is still hard. thanks to Him that i am learning how.

since wednesday this is what i have been doing.
-classes from 830 til 1230.
-gave a speech in my 1130 class. it went well.
-play practice. praising Him at threads.
-thursday choral festival. jcjc is the best and everyone there knows it.
-no really, its true.
-friday continued the choral festival.
-ate with one of my favorites in this world.
-scrapbooking. :)

now i will be soon off to play practice. i will wash some clothes before and send my daddy a birthday card. i sure do miss that man.

---be patient. come to see "you're good man, Charlie Brown" march 5th, 6th, and 7th @ jcjc. and have a fabulous weekend.


Monday, February 22, 2010


"I am leaving you with a gift-peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don't be troubled or afraid." --John 14:27


This dark stormy hour, the wind, it stirs.
The scorched earth cries out in vain, in vain.
Oh war and power, you blind and blur.
The torn heart cries out in pain, in pain.
But music and singing have been my refuge.
And music and singing shall be my light.
A light of song shining strong.
Hallelujah, Hallelujah.
Through darkness and pain and strife.
I'll sing.
I'll be.
See Peace.

"Earth Song" By: Frank Ticheli

check it out on youtube. it's amazing.
the choir is doing it this semester and it truely is a peaceful song.

have a peaceful afternoon.

Friday, February 19, 2010

what a day.

what a day. crazy, long friday.

there have been a lot of bumps in my road today.
some days are harder than others, today was one of those days.
i think i'm getting home sick. i haven't been home in over a month. i miss my parents. i miss my sisters. i miss my bed. i miss my momma's home cooking. i miss my daddy's hugs. i just miss home. i love my home and the town where i grew up. even though this doesn't come out very often, i really do. when i am home i feel closer to Christ. its just something about being back where i learned about Him that makes me remember why i am here. even through the bad days He is always here for me. and i am so undeserving. so not worthy of His love.

i was reminded today that even if no one in this world wants you, He does. this thought brought me to tears today. He will always love me. He will always want me. He will never leave me.
for that i am so thankful and will forever be grateful. He makes me white as snow everyday. He is so wonderful and i do not know what i would do without Him in my life.
with that said i hope you have a wonderful weekend and spend some time outside. its beautiful.


Monday, February 15, 2010

today could be a fairytale.

He is my fairytale.

....and the greatest of these is love.

....find rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

....with unfailing love i have drawn you to myself.

everyday can be a fairytale if you want it to be. however you picture a fairytale, make it be one today and everyday of your life. it doesn't have to be a romantic fairytale. it can be anything you want it to be. look up and you can find a promising fairytale everyday.

special ladies that i miss everyday i am apart from them.

love this beautiful lady. she is mommy and friend.
she is my heart.

oh how she grows so fast.
she is my favorite of all.

sisters are my backbone. always been there.
we stick together.

she is my joy. strongest lady. never takes a day for granted.

He puts things and people in our lives for a reason everyday. i know there are many people who i am thankful for and things like my dreams and fairytales to keep me going through this life. to keep me positive. to keep me happy. to keep me singing. think of yours today... what is your fairytale? who or what are you thankful for?

hope you all have a joyful tuesday. :)


long time no blog.

it has been a while since my last blog. i have been very busy and then the internet wasn't working at the dorm. blah... i have now found time to get on my computer and successfully able to use the internet, yay!
summary of my last week and weekend:
John Mayer Was AHMAZING!!! never will i forget that day nor night! spending time with my sweet boyfriend was just as amazing as well. thursday found out we didnt have school friday because of snow. :) having snow day was fun. saturday went to my sarah anne's 6th birthday party. she makes my world a little more sweet. sunday was valentines day. :) sweet day. church, ate sushi, the movie valentines day(great movie), forever 21, mcalisters sweet tea, and valentines dinner at church(babysitting children).
today is monday. blah. even though i don't like mondays that much i always look forward to painting class. it gives me peace and takes stress away. i have charlie brown practice tonight. then the bachelor with mer mer. the rest of this week looks like it could be a beautiful week. i'll just have to wait and see what it has in store for me. He has me right where he wants me and i'm not worried about what tomorrow may bring. i am just a happy princess. :)

here are a few pictures from this past week.

i hope you have a wonderful rest of the week. smile at someone or open a door for someone, you never know whats going on in peoples lives. you'll be surprise how much it may brighten their
day. :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

saturday, sunday, tuesday. lets just skip monday.

saturday was a fun day.
krave at fbc of jackson was very worth going to. learning more and more about Christ and what i need to do in this life is always so exciting. needing to forgive and forget about things and people who have hurt me in the past. Christ always forgives and forgets, we should strive to be like that everyday.
i also felt like a fatty. i felt like i had eaten so much. oh well.
seeing my brother was amazing. meeting his new girl was nice. she seems to be a nice girl. which is great, because my brother is probably one of the sweetest guys i know. he's a special bubba.

this is my bubba and i at Christmas with dixon. :)

going to see "dear john" with my sweet boyfriend was great. the movie wasn't what i was hoping for, but being with him was nice. he's precious.

sunday is today.

beautiful day. cold day. special day. nap day. game day.
- beautiful day because He woke me up this morning.
- cold day because, well i mean do i really have to explain?
- special day because i was able to witness a friend get baptized.
- nap day because it just is.
- game day because its superbowl time. go saints!

skip monday. blah.

tuesday will be an amazing day.

i get to eat lunch with my amazing boyfriend.
go to birmingham with him, also.
see john mayer in concert with him tooooo.
i am super excited. and i can't wait. :)))

have hope and faith that Christ will pull you through any obstacle you face in this life.
HE IS AMAZING! and He will ALWAYS be there for you. He has put you on this earth for a reason. Let your reason shine like nothing else.

have a blessed sunday. :)


Friday, February 5, 2010

beautiful day.

today was a beautiful day.

it started off early but never the less it had some great moments in it.

my art teacher told me today, that i am a "passionate painter" and that she really loved my work. i was super excited. :)

i think art is a very beautiful thing in this world. everything has its own art, if we would look hard enough. "Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time...." Ecclesiates 3:11.

music is also a beautiful thing.

in choir today, we went over one of our songs for this semester. the name of the piece is "Witness". it is a powerful piece and i love it. it asks "who will be a witness for my Lord?" i always think about this when this song comes to mind. will i be a witness for Christ today? i do hope people see Him in me. i try my best everyday to let him shine through me.

this weekend will be busy, and also fun. i will be on my way to krave soon. its going to be a great time and blessed time. i'm excited about getting to see "dear john" finally!

on a good note, ask yourself will you be a witness for Christ?, go see "dear john" and have a happy friday and an amazing weekend! :))


Thursday, February 4, 2010

i live in a fairy tale.

i believe that i am a princess. belle is my look a like. i have always adored the movie and the book since i was about 5 years old. well at that age i liked the movie and later on i loved the book as well. the reason why i say all of this is that not only am i just a princess, but i am also God's princess. He is my King, and i do not know what i would do without Him in my life. He is my everything.

i am new at this blogging thing and i recently was informed about it all. (thank you Brooke) :)
and i do believe i am already addicted.

i love the life Christ has given me. i am so thankful and blessed.
on this rainy day in southern mississippi, i still see the goodness in it. as we all should.

have an amazing rest of the day.