Friday, December 31, 2010

2010. whatayear.

Painting Class. Learning Spanish. John Mayer in Concert. Building a Snowman that was taller than myself. Finding that people aren't always who they say they are. You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown. Turning 22 years old. Riding on the Crazy Roller coaster of Life. Random Roadtrip to the Beach. Spa Day with my Momma. NOLA with Erin for the afternoon. Picking up Brooke from the Airport. Ending my Concert Choir Career. Saying Good-Bye to JCJC. Beach trip with some Pretty Girls. Singing in one of my Bestest Friends weddings. Moving to Flowood. Living with my Precious Cousins. Meeting Amazing People at Pinelake. Spending time with Mammaw. Learning to let go. Super Summer Camp. Finding out what makes me Happy. Witnessing my Sweet Friend marry her Best Friend. Moved into my own Apartment. Watching Sarah Anne Cheer. Realizing I make mistakes. Also, Realizing its okay. Hanging out with people from Jones who are at State now. I'm a Deacon's Daughter. Meeting Cameron for the First time. Spending time with my Parents. Not celebrating Halloween. Loving my Job. Figuring out what my plans are. Trying to figure out what God has Planned. The Mountains for Thanksgiving with the Family. Praying, Alot. Going on Dates. Eric Church in Concert. Learning how to Cook. Spoiling Sarah Anne for a Day. Loving on Kaylan & Making Eric laugh. Almost moved to Nashville(maybe this summer). Having friends over at my Apartment. Enjoying the Hot tub in 20 degree weather. Going to see The Nutcracker with Momma. Christmas Parade & Christmas in Canton with Momma. Waking up on Christmas Morning, Feeling like a kid again. Bonfire with Sisters. Working out.Loving Life. Loving Myself.

Can't wait to see what 2011 brings! Happy New Year, Everyone! May All Your Dreams Come True! :)


Thursday, December 30, 2010

in my dreams.

in my dreams, i dream of the guy who will watch old movies with me. who will listen to me. who will make me so happy. who will know that he is the luckiest guy in the world.
in my dreams, i dream that i am on stage singing my heart out. loving the feeling of the moment. looking out into a crowd of smiling faces.
in my dreams, i dream that i am walking with my pappaw. fishing with him. hugging him so tightly. laughing until we cry. talking his ears off.
in my dreams, i dream that i am living on a beach. i have a yellow beach house. over looking the beautiful waves. enjoying every sunrise & sunset.
in my dreams, i dream i am a princess. with a dress & tiara on. in a field of daisies. loving the smell of the fresh air.
in my dreams, i dream i truly find myself. find the person i'm suppose to be. what i will be when i grow up. most important, i find who God wants me to be.

one day my dreams will come true. until then, i'll keep dreaming. i love to dream.

Monday, December 20, 2010

What Christmas is all about. :)

while wrapping presents, i came across A Charlie Brown Christmas. i love charlie brown.
this is only the end of it, but i thinkits the best part. :) Enjoy! & Merry Christmas!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

this little girl is just precious. i've seen this video before, and i wanted to share.
hope you enjoy! :)

Only a few more days. :)

it is monday, i am wrapping presents & getting things together. wednesday i'm going to flowood, i really can't wait. friday is Christmas Eve. Saturday is Christmas. :) this is gonna be a wonderful week i must say.

this past weekend was a fun time. my momma & i went to Christmas in Canton. it was like a santa land, so magical and full of life. we rode on the horse & buggy, went to some little cute shops on the square, purchased some yummy coffee & beignets, sat on a balcony to see the full view of the square of lights & people. it was just another thing to get me even more in the Christmas mood. i definitely have been in the mood for over a month now. i just love it, who doesn't?

yesterday at church, i surprised my momma with singins a song she had wanted me to do. she loved it. and last night we had our Christmas cantata, it was such a blessing.

"The perfect tree
Grew very long ago
And it was not decked with silver
Or with ornaments of gold
But hanging from it's branches
Was a gift for you and me
Jesus laid His life down
On the perfect tree....
With all the celebrations
Sometimes the truth is lost
That every step this baby took
Brought Him closer to the cross

this was some of the lyrics i sang in my solo. as i was singing them it gave me chills. with all of the different traditions, even i get caught up in them at times, but when it all comes down to it. Jesus is the reason for the season. He truely is. He is so precious and beautiful in everyway. and then He gave His life for me & you. what a wonderful gift. :)

have a wonderful monday & take a look at the video above, of that precious little girl. you"ll love it :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

sweetest guy.

today is my bubba's birthday. he's always been the sweetest guy i've ever known. we have a lot of memories growing up together. some funny ones, bad ones, sad ones, & proud ones.
going to the beach every summer since we were little, going to mammaw & papaw allen's every afternoon after school, playing outside in the dirt with our toy cars, riding bicycles down the road and just goofing off. and yes, as brother & sister we would fight a little. haha. but after it was over, we always knew that we loved each other.
throughout the years, he's always done his best to be there for me in every way he could. and i have also. he's a tough guy and has a big heart for his family & friends. one day, he's gonna get the girl of his dreams. i know God is working on that for him, he just has to be patient. God is good at working on things we need to improve in.
well, i'm gonna leave you with some pictures of me & my bubba.


Friday, December 10, 2010

15 days.

15 days until Christmas!! sooo close.

to me this week flew by. everyone around me would tell me it seem to go by so slow. who knows about that, but it just seem to me to go super duper fast.

this week, i had a "girls night in" with one of my dearest friends. we worked out, went to the sauna & the hot tub (it took a little bit for the sauna to heat up), then we watched a chick flick & had brownies. it was a great night. we talked about alot of things. we both told each other "we are young, single with good heads on our shoulders. why not explore & take chances? you only live once." soooo who knows where i might be the first of the year. alot of things are up in the air, i know God has a plan and whatever it is, i'm down. :))

on another note. today i was talking to sarah anne's mom, jennifer and was telling her that i would come down to flowood during Christmas break. my last day is friday (i'm so ready for a break, even if it is only for 2 weeks). jennifer told me that "sarah said she missed you last night. plus for some reason, she wants you to take her to build-a-bear. she's been talking about it. i am not sure where that came from though. haha" so there you have it, sometime during my break i will go down and take my sarah anne to build-a-bear workshop. isnt that just precious?! i just love her and miss her dearly. and that crazy eric coy and sweet kaylan mae too. :)

i'm not sure where i'm going in life, but i sure do love my Savior God, my Wonderful Family, & my Amazing Friends.

......jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way.......mmmm hot chocolate & Christmas music.....have a magical night.....bundle up, its cold.... :) nighty night....

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


so it is now 16 days until Christmas.
i'm loving it.

today was tuesday and it was a busy one. after work i went over to my sisters apt to watch the new glee. and what kind of episode was it? Christmas!! i loved it. they did a song from rudolph & the grinch. it made me happy.

then when i came back to my apt. i watch charlie brown Christmas on my computer. i love that one too. the classics are the best.

what are your favorite Christmas movies? :)

Monday, December 6, 2010


sooo i have skipped a few days and i am sorrryyy!! this weekend was busy for me, but also eventful!
friday night, i went home to decorate the tree. i have this tradition every year, where i watch the cartoon grinch in the midst of decorating the tree. i love the cartoon, its always been one of my favorties since i was a little girl. i must say that the trees outcome was beautiful. :)
saturday, momma & i had a day. shopping alllllllll day in flowood and then went to see The Nutcraker Ballet. it was a beautiful day and the ballet was so wonderful. we were on the third row, feeling like children all over again. if you havent ever been, i would suggest that you do.

it's absolutely magical. :)

i am now even more in the Christmas mood! and it is now 17 days until Christmas! :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

tis the season.

tis the season to be jolly...
its the most wonderful time of the year...
baby, its cold outside...
the music feels the air, the lights shine bright, and you feel like a kid again.
i must say i love this season just like a million others. its a special time of year, so many memories come back to mind. i've been thinking of something to blog about today, and i decided i would write everyday until Christmas. so its 25 days until Christmas. well this day is almost over so 24 now. my wish list for Christmas. 25 things i'd like, maybe i'll fulfill the list.

1. bubbles.
2. snickerdoodle cookies.
3. mason jar of daisies.
4. care bear gummie bears.
5. itunes card.
6. painting supplies.
7. joe jonas. ;)
8. yellow beach house.
9. red toms.
10. spend time with mammaw.
11. star certificate.
12. new cowbow boots.
13. charlie brown christmas movie.
14. joico shampoo.
15. ralph lauren hoodie.
16. hugs from my cousins.
17. blueberry pound cake.
18. ugg moccasins
19. belle tshirt.
20. photoshoot with my sisters.
21. see the movie morning glory.
22. meet haley williams.
23. beauty & the beast on dvd.
24. catch a glimpse of santa on Christmas eve.
25. be home with my family.

i may not get any of this, but hey a girl can dream. i love dreaming, makes life just that much more fun! :)

still cant believe its 25 days until Christmas. :) ah, i love it!