Saturday, November 26, 2011

be thankful & give.

it's that time again. Christmas time.Family time.Happy time.

i am so thankful for this life God has given me. I do not know who i would be without Him.
everyday i realize more & more, how blessed i truely am.

i am the volunteer cooridnator at a hospice place, i go & visit patients in nursing homes & assisted living homes & of course i get ppl to volunteer to come with me. going to visit patients, makes my heart joyful & it also breaks it. i take a look at my life, & i realize that i have it pretty good. i can walk, talk, eat, breathe, make decisions for myself, i have my memory, and most of all i have my Savior who will always love me no matter what. i am so thankful.

today, my momma asked me what i wanted for christmas, i honestly did not know what to say back. i thought about i through out the day & this came to my mind. why do i want anything for Christmas at all, when i already have everything i could ever need? there are so many others who have nothing and need things, why would i want to recieve more things i dont even need? i want to give & give to people who are in need. that is my heart, my passion. that is what i want for Christmas, to give.

Be Thankful for the life you have. You are rich & so blessed.
Give to someone this Christmas. Bless them & let them Bless you.


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