Tuesday, October 18, 2011

late night.

sooo i'm blogging late tonight, but it's kind of the only time i have these days & i just wanted to give you an update on life. :)
i am now working 2 jobs and going to school at night. i. am. a. busy. girl. but i realllyyy LOVE it!! i love being busy & the 2 jobs i have now, i am very thankful for & i'm so blessed to have them. pray that i will only do my best at both jobs and in school.

this past weekend was so great. i was able to spend time with my sweet friend. i have missed her very much. i brought her some treats from a cafe that i'm in love with, we ate mexican, saw the new footloose, which was amazing!! made me wanna get up and dance. :) then we went to a bonfire at a friends field. it was such a nice night for it, the stars & moon were shining bright. God sure does bless me, even in the small things. i am so thankful.

and oh my goodness, today i felt the first feel of fall. the wind was a cool, strong burst that said "hey, i have arrived!". to tell you the truth, i am not quite sure that i'm ready for it. i guess it doesn't matter though, it's here anyway it goes. it gives me a great excuse to go shopping! you know, just a little. :)

well anyways, i'll be back soon to write more.
thanks for reading. :)

Kerry :)

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