Friday, September 9, 2011

here lately.

here lately, school is consuming my life!! ha, i have been studying so much! i had 4 test this week, thankfully i passed all of them. this wednesday, i have a job interview & then i have a big hands on & written final that night! so, i will be studying all weekend. pray for me!!

this past weekend, i went home. it was exactly what i needed. :)
it was a very busy weekend! one of my best friends married her best friend on saturday. it was a beautiful wedding, it was outside across from a lake & the weather was perfect. i sang in the wedding & i have to say it was a little emotional for me to see her get married. we've been best friends since 7th grade & we were roommates this past year, while in starkville. we've been like sisters all these years & no matter when we moved to different colleges, we always made time to catch up. although it was a little sad, i am so happy for her. she is so happy & i know they'll have a great life together. :)
i also had the best date to the wedding. it was fun catching up with an old friend, & to be treated like a lady by him. I thank God for wonderful guy friends like him. :)

sunday, i sang in church that morning. i sang Temporary Home by Carrie Underwood. it's a very touching song, always makes people think, including myself.
that afternoon, i was able to go to a little girls birthday party. i adore this little girl & her sister, they're so sweet. i enjoyed seeing them & getting to share that day with them. i thank God for putting them in my life, they are truly a blessing to me. :)
after the party, i met up with my momma, we went shopping & to my fav little place in starkville, Local Culture. it really is the best little yogurt place around. the yummy, goodness is so filling & smooth, it makes you always want more. :)

monday, was a much slower day. i was thankful for monday, it rained & i didn't have to go anywhere. just studied & watched soul surfer with momma that night. i love rainy days. :)

tuesday, was a little sad. i had to pack up & drive back down south. not the whole day was sad though. i went back to starkville, went by the daycare to see my babies. oh how they have grown!! within a month of not seeing them, i was amazed of how big they had became! the sweetest thing though, i walked in and they all smiled at me. one gave me a hug & then the rest of them came to me to do the same. i sure do miss those sweet babies. i hope they never forget me, i know i wont forget them. :)
for lunch, i met up with a great lady. we have become really close over the past months & she has become my spiritual countability partner. every time we've eaten in starkville, we eat at the veranda. it's my fav restaurant in starkville & i do believe that's our place to eat out. ha! it was really great to catch up with her & just share stories. i am so thankful God put her in my life, she's a wonderful friend to me. such a blessing. :)

and now here i am, it's friday!! glad it was a short week! a friend is coming to stay with me tonight, i'm excited! so, this means i need to go clean house & get off the computer.
i can't wait for sunday!! something exciting is happening, i will be sure to blog about it on monday! i hope you all have a great weekend!

be thankful for people & things you have in your life! God blesses us everyday & we have to find the goodness in everyday! start believing today that His mercies are as real as He says they are!
:) Smile!


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